Visiting the Farm

When you arrive at Dominio IV you have options. We can set you up on the 1916 farmhouse porch, and you can rock in your chair while the breeze reminds you that the ocean is nearby. Or have a walk up the cherry-trunk stairs to the hayloft of the 100-year-old barn. We have places to hide away and places to walk with a glass in hand. Come see what farm life evokes both in your glass and in your heart.

Curated Experiences

The Owls Flight

Date Range: Year Long

Details and Booking
Picnic in the Cherry Orchard

Date Range: Mid-May through Late-June

Details and Booking
Under the Shade of the Filberts

Date Range: Early-July Through Late-September

Details and Booking
In the Glow of the Garden Shed

Date Range: Early-December through Late-March

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Find Us

Explore two completely different routes from Portland or direct from your current location.

  • Scenic Route

    Start your journey from Portland or PDX Airport and gradually enter the verdant Willamette Valley. Follow this path off I-5 at the town of Donald to see fields of grass seed, ornamental plants, and vegetables like pumpkins and Kale growing in fields along the road. You will see (and smell) an organic dairy, fruit trees, and if you are up for a detour, wet your whistle in St. Paul home of Oregon’s 4th of July Rodeo (since 1936). You will cross the Willamette River on the only bridge crossing between Portland and Salem (also one Ferry). Looking up into the hills you will notice that you are now in wine county and only 10 minutes from the tasting room’s front door.

  • Coastal Route

    If you are itching to head west take Hwy 26 from Portland to Cannon Beach and follow Hwy 101 south to Pacific City. If you don’t have an extra day to spend at the coast, make your way along the eastern side of the coastal range (Hwy 47). You’ll soon be in majestic farmlands and in the heart of Willamette Valley’s vineyards.

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