• Our Estate Vineyards

    Dominio IV tends two farms, one in the Columbia Gorge, Three Sleeps, and the other in the Willamette Valley, As for the Sun - Yamhill Carlton.  We believe in farming that reaches into the soils and fosters life, amplifying the ecology and bringing it to the forefront in the wines.
    The vines must talk!


Three Sleeps Vineyard 

Columbia Gorge Mosier, Oregon

Mosier Oregon, on the banks of the Columbia River, is an old place of trade and travel. It is also a place of secret corners lined with fruit trees and vines. The weather from the Pacific Ocean splits over the peaks of the Cascade mountains and opens to clear skies. The soils are forged from catastrophic events of floods, glaciers, and volcanoes. Planted in 2002 to four clones of Tempranillo, three clones of Syrah, and Viognier this vineyard produces wines that defy the slow drip of time. 

When you step off of the trail in Mosier you get the sense that you are not the first one to do that, infact the land has been gently traced by many before you. This is why it is so interesting to listen, learn, and try to tease out the voice of the place.


Yamhill-Carlton Willamette Valley

These vineyard soils were formed under shallow seas, eons ago (20-40 mya), then slowly uplifted out of the water to form low hills. After many millions of years, the Kalapuya tribe found these hills making them their home. In 1843, Abijah and Mary Jane Hendricks arrived on the first wagon train and sectioned off this land for one of Oregon’s first farms. Now the beautifully tiger-striped soils of the Wellsdale, Bellpine, and Gooden series generously offer our hazelnuts, cherries, and grapevines water in the driest of times. The fruits of these hills are of spectacular character and reflect the caring hands of many generations.

If ever you need to realign the senses and get back to clear-thinking, take a walk up a hill through a vineyard.

Visiting the Farm at Dominio IV

When you arrive at Dominio IV you have options. We can set you up on the 1916 farmhouse porch and you can rock in your chair while the breezes remind you that the ocean is near. Or have a walk up the cherry-trunk stairs to the hayloft of the 100-year-old barn. We have places to hide away and places to walk with a glass in hand. Come see what farm life evokes both in your glass and in your heart.