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Patrick Reuter

In 2002 Patrick started Dominio IV wines. Leigh was skeptical but filled with the elixir of youth and agreed to the naïve affair of the winery and vineyard. After hopping fences for several years with shovel in hand to see if the soil were excellent “grape land”, Patrick found Three Sleeps Vineyard on a 3x5 note card at the corner store and soon planted Leigh’s parents, Liz and Glenn Bartholomew, at the vineyard in Mosier, Oregon.

In 2016, with the partnership of family friend Scott Burg, Patrick embarked on a great journey in Carlton, Oregon on “the Farm”. Supported by the help of Leigh in the vineyard, long-time Associate Winemaker Ryan Kelly-Burnett in the cellar, and a wonderful team in the tasting room, Patrick is blessed.

Enjoying the people and culture of wine has made for a rewarding 25 plus vintages for Patrick focusing on terroir expressing wines and unique small lots. In his free time, Patrick coaches and plays soccer, hikes, skis, paints, gardens and hangs out with his wife, Leigh and two boys, Finigan and Quincy.

Owner/ Viticulturist

Leigh Bartholomew

After gleaning hands-on vineyard experience in both Washington State and Chile, Leigh studied viticulture at the University of California at Davis. Master’s degree in hand, she then traveled the world, working harvests in California, Burgundy, and New Zealand. Returning to the West Coast in 2000, Leigh became the vineyard manager for Archery Summit. Leigh now works on many Willamette Valley vineyards producing wonderful grapes for many wineries. In 2002, she and Patrick began the Dominio IV winery.



Scott and Sarah Burg

Scott and Sarah fell in love with Oregon and the Willamette Valley during a summer road trip in 2014 with their 2-year-old. The couple found out she was pregnant, but luckily, they still pushed on and visited Dominio IV for the first time. As fate would have it, after years of enjoying the fantastic wine and establishing a friendship with Patrick and Leigh, The Burg Family partnered with Dominio IV in 2016. Shortly after, The Burg Farm was created, and all operations and tasting were moved to its current locations in Carlton. Today a world class winery has been developed and continues to be an outstanding experience for consumers and the Dominio family across the world. Scott and Sarah Burg have three children: Emmett, Isaac, and Olivia. The family lives full-time in Steamboat Springs, CO. Both Scott and Sarah were raised in the suburbs of Denver. Sarah attended Colorado State University and Scott the University of Colorado. Scott played varsity football and focused on finance. He has been in the mortgage industry since 2001 and currently has a money management company, Deer Park Road in Steamboat Springs. The couple is looking forward to one day spending more time at the winery and continue to be active in the organization.

Associate Winemaker

Ryan Kelly-Burnett

Our Associate Winemaker Ryan Kelly-Burnett joined the Dominio IV family in 2011. Patrick and Ryan first met eating pizza in the warm living room of a pioneer in American distilling. Little did they know, they would soon end up working together to create wines that are in-depth and complicated, while remaining accessible.

Ryan took a bottle of Viognier back to his home of Atlanta, Georgia and enjoyed it around a fire with his wine mentor and his father. Ryan turned to them and vowed he would be making this wine at some point. Finally, after a couple of years chasing harvest from Northern to Southern hemispheres, the Viognier called, and Patrick was on the other end.

Ryan enjoys the layering of what goes into the process of winemaking and the philosophy of Dominio IV; showcasing the terroir, vintage and house style. He jokes that he is institutionalized, but we know that his love for the product and process of what we are doing continues his passion, which can be strong at times. That’s why Patrick has learned just the right moment when to hand him a whiskey or beer. Ryan’s favorite quote is “Dogma does not make terroir driven wine” - JC


Business Manager

Stephen Fouch

Stephen started at Dominio IV Wines in September 2018.

He was born and raised in the Dundee Hills, playing in the very soil that now grows the world-famous wines.

After high-school, Stephen moved to Germany to work and travel, which initially instilled his enjoyment for things distilled. After returning, he began his career in high-end hospitality and fine dining. He soon realized that he got overexcited and passionate to talk about the wines from his home.

He made the jump to Domaine Drouhin Oregon in 2015, which affirmed his belief, that this was the lifestyle for him.

Working with people, educating them on the history of the Valley, and guiding them through the wines, helped him realize that he wanted a deeper understanding of the process.

Stephen then decided to work a harvest in New Zealand at a small, itty bitty boutique winery that produced a measly 450,000 cases. This solidified his want to work at a family-owned winery.

After returning, he managed a small winery in Carlton before finding the perfect fit at Dominio IV Wines.

Stephen will be here as long as Patrick and Leigh will let him, and his bubbly brightness will radiate through his smiling face at the winery, or the literal smileys in his email correspondence.

Come meet him soon!


Tasting Room Manager

Katie Wise

After five years as an educator, Katie began her career in wine. She recently poured wine and shared stories for a French-inspired winery in the Dundee Hills, and before that was a sales director for a chain of high-end wine shops along Florida’s Emerald Coast.

She is thrilled to share the bucolic bliss, enchanting history, and dynamic wines of Dominio IV with all of you.

When not at work, she can be found with her nose in a book, savoring a flute of bubbles, all while sweeping up corgi fur.


Tasting Room Associate

Heather Grimm-Krefting

Heather is our Saturday Diva. She joined Dominio IV as a club member back in 2003, when it quickly became apparent that her love for wine and her way with people was the culture we wanted to facilitate at D4. She joined the staff and ran the tasting room while we were in the Granary District of McMinnville, single-handedly signing up the majority of our club members, most of whom have remained loyal members for many years.

When she is not at Dominio IV providing people with some of the most memorable tasting experiences of their lives, she is cooking, baking, and enjoying wonderful wines, which we are grateful for when she feels inclined to share with us!

Come meet her and let her impress you with her vast knowledge of our wines and star signs!


Tasting Room Lead

Liz Bethell

Long before Liz became one of the family at Dominio IV, she was an avid follower of the ways, the wine and the story of Dominio. It was through her job of innkeeping at one of wine country's most venerated boutique B&B's, as their know-it-all hostess and blogger, that Liz found what she calls "the winery of her dreams" in Dominio.

After years of sending a multitude of B&B guests our way, she decided to send herself and joined us as Tasting Room Lead. You'll now see Liz gliding around the farm grounds creating memorable guest experiences with her zest for hospitality and her love for barn chic, storytelling and all-things-wine!